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Connecticut Restaurant Sued for Sexual Harassment, Retaliation, and Unpaid Overtime Wages

Connecticut Restaurant Sued for Sexual Harassment, Retaliation, and Unpaid Overtime Wages


Local Kitchen and Beer Bar, a restaurant in Fairfield, Connecticut, was hit with a lawsuit by two former waitresses for sexual harassment, retaliation, and unpaid overtime wages. The servers allege in their lawsuit they were subjected to a series of sexual harassment by their managers. The complaint filed in federal court also alleges that the restaurant did not pay overtime. Up to 20 hours of overtime were deleted from time cards for a given week, to avoid having to pay overtime. Attorneys for the waitresses also allege that the general manager of Local Kitchen and Beer Bar sent one waitress a mock “obituary” shortly after she complained about her hostile work environment at the restaurant. The “obituary” consisted of sexually degrading and outrageous comments about the waitress and her father, who was killed in Manhattan during the 9/11 attacks. The obituary mocked the waitress for knowing the disadvantages of having “a widowed mother” and growing up “in a single-parent family.” Also, one of the sentences in the “obituary” stated the waitress had “several elective surgical procedures that left her looking like a burn victim with ‘OK tits’.” The “obituary” was posted at the restaurant for other employees to see and led the waitress into a state of anxiety and extreme distress. The waitresses’ lawyers also claim that another restaurant manager also inappropriately touched one of the two waitresses on several occasions, including putting his hands on her hips while standing behind her and simulating sexual intercourse. When she complained to her supervising manager about the incident, he threatened to fire her if she brought it to the attention of the restaurant owner, William DaSilva. Within weeks of complaining of the harassment, she was terminated by the same manager that harassed her, on the pretext of a bad Yelp review.  

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