Pechman Law Group Files Collective Action Lawsuit Targeting Tyme Global’s Independent Contractor Misclassification Scheme

Pechman Law Group has filed a complaint on behalf of its client Paul Jackson, Jr. targeting Tyme Global’s practice of unlawfully misclassifying employees as independent contractors in order to deny them overtime wages.

Tyme Global has hundreds of employees throughout the United States who provide remote customer support call services to Tyme Global customers.  As alleged in the complaint, Jackson and other call agents regularly worked well over forty hours per week for Tyme Global but were denied overtime wages for overtime hours worked due to Tyme Global’s unlawful misclassification of the employees as independent contractors.  As further alleged in the complaint, Tyme Global also engaged in a practice of reducing employee hours worked when paying wages and automatically deducting lunch breaks from employee work times regardless of whether they were taken.  Through his lawsuit, Jackson seeks to recover unpaid wages and liquidated damages on behalf of himself and a nation-wide collective of employees who were denied overtime wages by Tyme Global.

The misclassification of employees in the customer service industry to avoid the payment of overtime wages is an unfortunately common practice.  In what may be the largest misclassification case in its history, the United States Department of Labor recently sued Florida-based Arise Virtual Solutions to recover unpaid overtime wages for a group of more than 22,000 customer service workers who were similarly misclassified as independent contractors.

If you are a current or former Tyme Global employee or believe that you have been misclassified as an independent contractor by your employer, contact us at 212-583-9500 for a free consultation.


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