Delivery Worker Rights in New York City

Recent updates to NYC law provide pay and workplace protections for delivery workers in NYC who work for online third-party food delivery and courier services.

According to NYC law, delivery workers who make restaurant deliveries for an app must be paid a minimum wage of $19.56 per hour, not including tips, for time spent making the deliveries. All apps are expected to follow the additional rules that increase pay.

Furthermore, NYC Law has new requirements for delivery apps:

  • Apps must display the updated Notice in the App;
  • Apps must email and text all current delivery workers a link to the update Notice;
  • Apps must begin emailing and texting a link to the updated Notice to all new delivery workers before their first trip.

To ensure understanding, apps are required to provide the updated Notice in delivery workers’ preferred language, if available on the Notice webpage.

If you are a delivery worker in NYC who is not receiving the minimum wages required by the law, you have the right to sue the App to recover up to three times your unpaid wages.  The law also allows you to sue for different money amounts if the App retaliates against you for exercising your rights, does not give you an insulated bag to carry food items, does not pay you on a weekly basis, or requires you to make deliveries beyond the distance, bridge, and tunnel limits that you set.

If you have been the victim of wage theft or other unlawful practices of an App or have questions about your rights as a food delivery worker in NYC, contact the attorneys of Pechman Law Group at 212-583-9500.


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