Sex Harassment Cases

The most provocative cases in employment law are often in the area of sex harassment. Sex harassment is generally characterized as “quid pro quo” or “hostile work environment” cases.  Pechman Law Group has successfully prosecuted and resolved numerous cases in court and before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)on behalf of individuals who have been victims of sex harassment. Litigation of harassment issues from both sides has given the firm special insight into these highly charged cases. We also investigate claims of harassment and provide anti- harassment training to our corporate clients.

Lou Pechman has been involved in some of the most highly publicized sex harassment cases in New York in recent years. Some of the representative cases Pechman Law Group has handled include:

  • Achieved seven-figure settlement for female executive at Fortune 100 company who suffered  harassment by CEO.
  • Obtained $1.8 million settlement for an executive at a major metropolitan hospital.
  • Achieved $600,000 settlement for technology company employee subjected to harassment because of his sexual orientation
  • Obtained dismissal of federal court sex harassment lawsuit on behalf of high-end retail shoe store
  • Represented university professor against student’s claims of sex harassment
  • Represented manager at CUNY in federal court sex discrimination case filed by six university employees
  • Was part of the defense team in the sex harassment case against Madison Square Garden and Isaiah Thomas.

Keep in mind that the most salacious sex harassment cases often begin with a demand letter and an offer to engage in settlement discussions before a case escalates to a public lawsuit. At Pechman Law Group, we recognize the value of resolution of these sensitive cases without the need for litigation.

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