Franco Cuadra to Chair Program on Prevailing Wage Law in New York

Our attorney Franco Cuadra will be serving as the Program Chair for the New York City Bar Association program on “How to Handle a Prevailing Wage Matter in New York under NYLL Art. 8” being held on Tuesday, April 13.  The program will provide an understanding on how to identify, comply with, and litigate prevailing wage issues under Article 8 of the New York Labor Law, which concerns public construction projects in New York City and State.  
A distinguished panel of representatives from the New York State Department of Labor, the New York City Comptroller’s Office, and employee-side and management-side practitioners will explain topics including: the policies and history of prevailing wage laws; how contractors can comply with prevailing wage requirements; how employees can exercise their rights when they are not paid prevailing wages to which they are entitled; damages and penalties that contractors and subcontractors can face for failing to pay required prevailing wages; and the litigation and resolution of prevailing wage actions. If you have any questions regarding prevailing wages, please contact Franco Cuadra at 212-583-9500.


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