U.S. Department of Labor Recovers $1.42 Million For Overtime and Misclassification Violations by New York Construction Contractors


$1.42 million in back wages and liquidated damages will be paid to over 300 employees of four New York City plumbing and heating contractor companies. Danica Group LLC, Copper Plumbing & Heating LLC, Copper II Plumbing & Heating LLC, and Copper III Plumbing & Heating LLC are liable for failing to pay overtime when employees worked more than forty hours in a workweek, and also misclassified workers as independent contractors. Additionally, they maintained incomplete and inaccurate payroll records.

U.S. District Court Judge Frederic Block of the Eastern District of New York ordered defendants to pay the workers $710,000 in back wages covering the time period between September 2010 and April 2014, and an equal amount in liquidated damages. The judgment also requires that defendants improve their payroll recordkeeping system, ensure prompt and accurate payment to current employees, and reclassify as employees those who were previously misclassified as independent contractors.



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