Lillian Marquez and Laura Rodriguez Discuss Wage Theft on ABC’s Tiempo

Congratulations to our attorneys Lillian Marquez and Laura Rodriguez who appeared on a segment of ABC’s Tiempo with Joe Torres to discuss workers’ rights and wage theft in New York.


The segment discussed the new minimum wage increase, which raised hourly wages for many workers to $15.00. Although workers should be benefitting from the spike, this is not always the case, as many employees are robbed of their hard-earned wages. As Lillian and Laura explain, both Latino and undocumented workers are frequent victims of wage theft. It is important to understand that workers, whether documented or not, have rights that are protected under law. Many undocumented workers are afraid to speak out against their employers for fear of deportation, but the law is very protective.


Lillian and Laura also explain the common violations that occur in various industries, including restaurants, construction, nail salons, and many more. These violations include:

·     Kitchen workers being paid a fixed weekly salary

·     Workers being paid a shift-pay or day rate

·     Hours after 40 being paid at straight time, instead of at time-and-a-half, as required by law

·     Tips being shared with non-tipped employees or kept by management


If you have any questions regarding your wages and would like to consult with one of the attorneys, please call 212-583-9500. More detailed information regarding restaurant workers’ rights is available at waiterpay.com.


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